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Selling a home is all about traffic.  Do you agree?  No, I’m not talking about road traffic.  We want people who are looking for a home not those going from one place to another. We want your home to be the destination not on the way. In today’s market buyers visit and view your home via the internet.  So what you are looking for here is a marketing plan. This is a team effort with the owner, realtor, title company, photographer, websites and numerous other parties.

The very first task is get a CMA (current or comprehensive market analysis).  We use the same criteria that an appraiser would use.  Why you might ask.  Because once there is an offer from a buyer his or her mortgage company will engage an appraiser to validate the sales price.

The property must appraise for the sales price minus concessions in order for the bank to lend the buyer the funds.  The house is the collateral for the loan.  So we use the same criteria for establishing the value.  It is an estimate so it does have some flexibility for a downward adjustment.

Now that we have an idea of value based on the condition, location, size and competition we can go to the next step.  Notably the only two items of negotiation are condition and price since size and location cannot be changed.  Yes, we did discuss condition before, but in this scenario we discuss what can be done to improve buyer appeal commonly called staging. There are different levels of staging some are as simple as de-cluttering or total remodeling. Each house is different we can discuss this in detail.  Staging can take from hours or in some cases days.

Then the next thing is to market the home in its staged condition.  Photos are a must.  A video tour or a slide show does attract buyers. Homes with video or slide show tours attract 10 times more traffic. The more traffic the more likely it is to sell.  OK. Now we have a staged home with photos and tours. The next thing is to get it out there on as many sites (billboards on the internet highway) as possible.  We post to 16 sites including the very popular 

Once it is posted to these sites (it takes a couple of days for some sites to post) we can start counting the hits.  If showings are few and on-line viewings are up we need to analyze why.  We constantly seek feedback from those who physically view your home regarding price, condition and any other comments.  We update you as often as you like and keep you posted on all the feed-back we get. 

If you need to find a replacement home or are relocating out of the area we will find another realtor for you in your new area or if it is local we will find you another home and coordinate both transactions to minimize any anxiety. We feel very confident you will be satisfied with our services.

We have 50 years experience combined. If you need to buy see our Buyer’s Guide. All our services are personal and confidential. 
Thank you,
Joe Haynes   Elaine Kelty

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